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Bumpers Effect

Thanks to Bumpers unique bumps structure, the flip-flops adapt your footprint as you walk, while the bumps massage your foot pressure points which increase blood flow to your feet in every step.
The flip-flops bumps work on both deeper and superficial parts of the foot, creating a natural “cleaning” effect of inflammatory factors and other ailments by increased blood flow.
In addition, like in reflexology and massage, an ongoing bumps contact on specific points (trigger points) of your feet, has the effect of a muscle and other soft tissues relaxation in the foot, ankle and calf muscle.
These effects will particularly help ease chronic pain such as: Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, tendon inflammation (tendinitis) and muscle inflammation of the foot and ankle.
It is important to note that people who feel that the bumps pressure on certain areas of the foot are “disturbing”, it is even more important that they use the flip-flops for it points to a muscle imbalance of the foot. People that encounter this issue should use the flip-flops for 30-60 minutes per day for the first 2 days and gradually increase the usage. It is expected that within 2-4 days, the pressure points will loosen, similar to a deep massage on a strained muscle.
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